Joseph Morabito
Baby Cockatiels Dec. 2005
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Majors and Wilma's baby 'tiels


22 grams at 5 days, 36 grams at 7 days.


70 grams and 58 grams already... WOW!


Baby number 2 at about 100 grams... 10 more than Mom and Pop!

King of the three week babies

Baby Melina's first look into the cage from the nest box at 4 weeks old


Gigi is the one that has yellow spots on her back, hard to see here, Melina is the oldest by about 36 hours. Gigi has the posture of her papa Majors, sort of slouching. Melina sits up tall like her mom Wilma. I've been told by two sources that since both parents are standard grey 'tiels there is a genetic explanation that dictates that they are girls.

4 weeks old


More to follow